Covid-19: Updates and Resources

August 3, 2020
First and foremost, to our small business owners, we want to say - we got you. We know the current restrictions related to COVID-19 affect our small business partners more than any other industry in the State. We promise you are not alone. Here at Accounting Aid Academy, like you, we have spent the last three weeks assessing pivot points and re-tooling our offerings and the ways we work in order to best serve our clients during this crisis. At this time, we are working to deploy additional technology and capacity in order to continue to serve you remotely. Not only will these changes allow us to continue to meet small businesses where you are now, but will also expand access and capacity as this crisis abates which we intend to put to work for YOU. 
Below, you will find additional information, tools and resources specific to small business. This landscape is in constant flux at the moment, so we encourage you to check back frequently. We will be updating this page as information evolves, as well as adding new resources in the coming weeks, such as Instagram Live updates, workshops and a detailed blog where we walk you through the various loan programs and others currently taking shape across the region. 
In the meantime, we remain here in the trenches, right alongside you. If you'd like more info or to speak with one of our business analysts directly, please
contact us online or via email at:

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